At Timber & Canvas, we’re always on the end of the phone to help you plan, but this definitive list will make sure you’re on the right track to a flawless tipi wedding before you’ve even begun…

Step 1:

Finding the Right Location

Finding a venue sometimes seems tricky when you’re first planning a wedding, but there are so many more places available than at first thought. Country houses, hotels, b&b’s, sports clubs and all sorts of places are offering beautiful manicured gardens, or a secluded meadow or field where you can put a tipi.

Anywhere that advertises outdoor space for a marquee wedding will most likely be available to hire for a tipi wedding. We’ve a list of our North-West spots to help you if you need, just give us a shout.

  •  ACCESS.

Our tipis come in on the back of a trailer, pulled by a 4×4. We need good access to the tipi site in order to get the tents up quickly. That means boggy or wetter sites might not be suitable.


Ideally, tipis live on grass. Add-on kits are available for ‘all-surface’ pitching, however, so you can put them on tarmac, gravel and other hard surfaces.

  • SIZE

If you can find a hulking great dramatic setting, the tipis will look just the ticket, but the very minimum you need is 13m (diameter) of floor space for each tipi.

Step 2:

Choosing a time of year

Marquee tipis are suitable for all seasons. Originally a Scandinavian design (for those cold, windy, design-forward parts of the world), its meant for wind, rain and even snow.

Spring and summer weddings are fab in the tipis. Keeping the sides raised or semi-raised means that your tipi is a hybrid of the outdoors and in. It’s parties like these that can maximise the outdoor space you have around your tipi. If you’ve gone to the trouble of finding a beauty spot to hold your outdoor event in, the space can really come alive at this time of year.

If you’re having a cool autumn or winter wedding, all you need to do is to make sure your site is not too exposed to the elements, preferably protected by a tree line. In windy, chillier conditions, you can keep the tipi’s canvas sides lowered to create a cosy hideaway for you and your guests. Light a fire, or add a space heaterfor extra comfort, hunker down… and enjoy!


Step 3:

Keeping your Guests Comfortable

If you’ve got flooring in your tipi, the sides are raised/lowered appropriately according to the weather, and you’ve sorted heating for cooler events, then there’s no reason for guests at your tipi event to be any less comfortable than at a standard outdoor marquee event. (Tipi flooring is advised, because it ensures that your grass surface won’t get muddy, or that your gravel surface won’t end up all over the place. You can get super fancy wooden flooring, or coconut matting with your booking).

What you need to be sure about is that your guests are going to be happy walking on grassy or uneven surfaces around the tents. If your site needs wheelchair access, it’s more than possible – wooden or metal walkways or ramps are easily available for hire, but it’s worth planning in with your tipi company early on.

Likewise on the loo front! If you’re getting loos in, for a really remote site, then you should hire in the type of loos that best suit your guests. A portaloo for festival-lovers and camping nuts is probably fine, but if you want something more fancy, then a luxury loo unitis a much better bet.

Step 4:

Covering all the bases

A lot of this depends on what kind of site you have arranged for your tipi. If your site is not attached to a venue like a hotel or a b&b, you might not have any facilities. Do you need power, for example? Diesel-powered generatorsare available for hire if you do. Do you also need loosor heating? And don’t forget that your tipi will need lightingafter hours.

​Perhaps you also need to consider, if you’re out in the sticks, where your guests will park, and how they might get to and from your site.

Once you’ve covered the facilities, everything else is down to your own plans. Feeding and watering your guests, decorating your venue, and sorting out the entertainment is all down to your tastes.

Step 5:

Sticking to the plan

Again, this depends very much on the type of venue you have for your tipi wedding. If your venue is remote, and has no facilities, good organisational skills will come in handy! If your site is set-up for marquee events, then you will most likely be in a much more straightforward position and will be pointed in the right direction for most of your event.

​Compared with an all-inclusive option, such as a hotel package, a tipi wedding does require a bit more legwork. However, our tipi packagesare a great way to sort a whole load of your planning in one fell swoop. Your tents, flooring, tables and benches, dancefloor, lighting and setup are all included, to help you get started.

​We can help you with all your queries, and give you great tipi wedding planning advice from start to finish. Use our experience in the wedding industry to help you plan.

Step 6:
Pricing it up

In comparison to many hotel or barn packages, you could end up saving a lot of money by having a tipi wedding.

Timber & Canvas have tipi packages for as little as £1900, including table and chair hire, flooring and a walkway, a bar and a dance-floor. It also includes your delivery fee.

The more people you have at your event, and the more tents you need, the more your price will increase, but our packages are an excellent way of getting more for your money.

Alternatively, you can hand-pick your custom booking from our online catalogue, tracking and managing your booking cost at every step of the way.

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  • Carol Lague says:

    I am interested in your tipi tents in May 2020.
    Bit confused but need one to hold 200 + people. Dance floor. Bar and rustic tables and seats with lighting etc.
    Please can you give me a guide as to the costs please.

    • Mara Muscel says:

      Hi Carol,

      Could you please email us to [email protected], and we can send you rough quote and other prices 🙂 As this is a public forum, I don’t want to ask for your email address, so if you don’t mind emailing us we will get back to you that way.


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