If you’ve recently gotten engaged and, like me, quite literally can’t wait for two spins around the sun before marrying your S.O., then fear not! We’re here for you, and we promise it’s really not as scary as it may appear to be – there’s a very clear process!

If you believe the rumours, you might be a bit put off by claims that it’ll take you what is practically a lifetime to plan your wedding. We know otherwise however, and not only is it absolutely possible, but there are great late-availability discountsto be had! The trick is knowing what to prioritise, as well as making use of all the available resources (there are LOADS out there, and we’re thankful for every single one). That being said, here are Timber & Canvas’ top tips for planning a wedding in 6 months or less!

Tick your venue/structure off first

Keep the date flexible as you’ll have an easier time booking this way – many venues are booked up well in advance. If you want a big wedding, you may find that you are even more restricted by venues’ availability, especially if you want a mid-summer wedding. Instead, be creative and look for alternative venues that you may not have originally thought of (maybe a relative knows of picturesque beach house, or perhaps a friend has a beautiful garden where you can pitch up a Tipi or marquee) Alternatively, being open to a mid-weed wedding can also help you to get the location you want, without booking a year in advance.

Take a little pressure off yourself by getting a Month-Of or Day-Of Coordinator!

Even if you have a restricted budget, chances are that hiring a day-of-coordinator will not take such a big chunk out of your budget, and you’ll absolutely LOVE yourself 5 gins into a carefree wedding day.

"When you find a supplier you like with availability, get as much out of them as possible!"

Jude FinneyT&C Founder

Make decisions, and stick to them

We can’t stress how important it is to trust your instinct, and allow yourself to move forwards after every decision is made, rather than spending time second-guessing yourself. Trust that you made the right decision the first time round, and close that chapter satisfied that you can tick the job off.

Have a skill-swap wedding, by delegating tasks to family & friends

We get it, one minute you’re innocently browsing Pinterest, and the next thing you know you’re chopping down trees in your local woods to make rustic centrepieces – been there, done that (not even kidding – keep an eye out for a future DIY blog post). Don’t get us wrong, it’s fun to bring a DIY element to the wedding, but the art of delegation is one that will serve you well early on. There may well be time closer to D-day to hand-make last minute decorations and favours (there’s always more that can be done), so hire professionals and use your relatives early on, wherever possible. If you aunt bakes, why not ask her to make your cake, if your bestie’s handwriting is beautiful, why not ask her to write your table plan and invitations, if your dad has impeccable drinks tastes, why not ask him to source your alcohol?

Use multi-talented suppliers

One of the issues of booking for same-year events is that some suppliers are already fully booked up, so: “when you do find someone you like with availability, get as much out of them as possible!” says Jude. Caterers that can also supply your drinks and all tableware? YES PLEASE. Tipi companies that can sort out your field, suppliers, and accomodation (wink wink) GIVE ME. Makeup artist that is also a great hairdresser? You get the picture.

Open Dayscan be a great way to meet suppliers in person, and talk about your needs in person.

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