The Couple:

Jemma and James


The Location:

Beautiful Surrey


The Setup:

Two Tipi Middle Package + Bell Tent Village


The Style:

Country Pub meets London Rock & Roll

What did we love about Jemma and James’ wedding?

Jemma and James were super cool customers. They were both so easygoing about their wedding – and it meant they enjoyed the whole process from start to finish.

Lucky enough to have a beautiful site (that their whole family worked their bums off to get looking just so), there was space for a boatload of features. Incorporating a two Tipi setup, with a more than stunning 100 metre festoon walkway a gorgeous woodland clearing for the blessing ceremony, and a spot for their overnighters, courtesy of our bell tent Bell Tent Village, this country escape provided the ideal location for a mini festival in the Home Counties.

A little bit of rain didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of the revellers, coming in from London and further afield, and the fire went on all weekend. With the brewhouse barrels on tap, we’re sure that Jemma and James’ whole party not only had a pretty epic knees up, but an unforgettable break away in the country.

 All photos used with kind permission of featured couples. All rights reserved.

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